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Josephine Bolling McCall author of The Penalty for Success: My Father Was Lynched in Lowndes County, Alabama to speak at venues throughout the SF bay area April 3 to April 9


1 March 2019

MILL VALLEY, CA— Josephine Bolling McCall spent decades uncovering the truth about her father's lynching: a white man resented Elmore Bolling’s superior business operations and organized a posse to lynch him.

Though Bolling's murderers were never indicted, his daughter wrote a book that builds the case that her father was murdered by whites using lynching to destroy competition from black business owners as part of a pattern of racial violence that terrorized African-Americans for generations.

Bolling developed a network of farming and trucking businesses and employed 40 people in Lowndes County, Alabama. In 1947, a group of white men determined that Elmore was “making more money that the average white man” and he was gunned down on within hearing distance of his family working at the grocery store he owned.

McCall, author of The Penalty for Success: My Father Was Lynched in Lowndes County, Alabama (copyright 2015, ISBN-978-0-692-40622-9), will share her family’s story of lynching at venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area from April 3 to April 9.

McCall is a retired nationally certified school psychologist. She was the first black president of the Alabama Association of School Psychologists and the first black person to serve as Alabama’s delegate to the National Association of School Psychologists. She is the president of The Elmore Bolling Foundation which she founded to preserve the legacy of her father.

McCall’s tour is being organized by Mill Valley resident, Tracy Haughton, who met McCall during a trip to Montgomery, Alabama in 2017 to help her friend, Santa Clara University art department lecturer, Renee Billingslea, install her art exhibit about lynching at the Rosa Parks Museum. “To overcome racial inequality in America, I believe we must confront our history,” says Haughton.

Elmore Bolling is one of the thousands of African-Americans honored in the new lynching memorial (the National Memorial for Peace and Justice) in Montgomery. When the memorial opened in 2018, his daughter, Josephine McCall, was interviewed by multiple media outlets including PBS Newshour and the Associated Press.

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