The Penalty For Success

San Francisco Bay Area Speaking Tour 2019

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Listen to Josephine McCall at the Commonwealth Club

The Penalty for Success 2019 tour has concluded, but you can listen to Josephine McCall being interviewed at The Commonwealth Club here

Josephine Bolling McCall 

author of

The Penalty for Success:

My Father Was Lynched in Lowndes County, Alabama

Wednesday, April 3 - Tuesday, April 9


at locations throughout the SF Bay Area 

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All events are open to the public & 

all are free

(except the Commonwealth Club

which requires tickets). 

Josephine Bolling McCall spent decades uncovering the truth about her father's lynching: a white man resented Elmore Bolling’s superior business operations and organized a posse to lynch him.

Bolling's murderers were never indicted, but his daughter's book The Penalty For Success builds the case that her father was murdered by whites using lynching to destroy competition from black business owners as part of a pattern of racial violence that terrorized African-Americans for generations.

McCall is bringing her story to the San Francisco bay area at the one year anniversary of the establishment of the first national memorial to the thousands of victims of America's reign of terror, The National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama. Elmore Bolling is one of the lynching victims included in the memorial. 

McCall is a retired nationally certified school psychologist. She was the first black president of the Alabama Association of School Psychologists and the first black person to serve as Alabama’s delegate to the National Association of School Psychologists. She is the president of The Elmore Bolling Foundation which she founded to preserve the legacy of her father.